First Trip With The Madres


My first memory of hearing the name Madres was at Jack Murphy Stadium.  I was at the ballpark early with some friends and there was a luncheon going on, so I decided to check it out.  I was told by someone at the door I couldn’t go in because Madres were meeting.  I asked who the Madres were and one of my buddies said, “it’s a bunch of chicks who are Padres fans”.  I laughed and walked off with my buddies.

Years later, I found out the Madres were and are more than just a collection of baseball loving ladies.  From their webpage, this is a description of what the Madres are; “Founded in 1972, the San Diego Madres is an organization of women and men who love baseball and their community. Our mission is to provide all children of San Diego County the opportunity to play baseball and softball.”  The Madres are Padres fans and they are hardcore.  They serve in the community and do things to make San Diego a better place to live in. You’ll see them around the Padres dugout talking to the players as they come in from batting practice.  You’ll see them selling tickets for the shirt off their back promotion at the end of the year.  They work the Padres garage sale at Fanfest every year, always with a smile and always supporting the Padres.

Today, I will be taking my first trip with the Madres to see what they are like.  I am looking forward to spending time with them and listening to their history and enjoying time with Padres fans.   Rebecca will be joining us at the Diamond after she attends a luncheon.  She trusts that I can survive a bus trip with the Madres. 🙂




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