Garry Jestadt Padres infielder 1971-1972


Acquired in a trade for Chris Cannizzaro, Garry Jestadt stepped right in and provided solid depth at 2B and 3B for the Padres.  After leaving the Padres, he continued to play baseball in the minors and also played in Japan.  We asked Garry about baseball and what he is currently doing.  We hope you enjoy reading about Garry.

Padres360 – What is the proudest moment of your major league career?

Garry – Being called up to the big leagues for the first time in 1969 with the Montreal Expos.

Padres360 – Who was your favorite Padres player when you were on the team?

Gary – Fred Kendall.

Padres360 –  What path did you take after your major league career ended?

Garry – I became a real estate investor.

Padres360 – Where are you and what are you doing now?

Garry – I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and I am still doing real estate investments.

Padres360 – What advice would you give to young players in the minors or in college?

Garry – To advance to the Majors in today’s world you have to have a passion for the game and be willing to put in the time to improve your skills and strength conditioning.

We are proud of Garry and the fact that he still loves the game of baseball.  We proudly sponsor Garry’s Baseball Reference page.  Our hope with all the Padres player we reach out to is it will bring back memories of those Padres players we watched as kids and as adults, or cause some fans to look at how they performed as players.  Thank you Garry for your time and Go Padres!

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