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06/14/16 / / @Padres360
By Wayne McBrayer
Sean McCall - Broadcaster for Lake Elsinore Storm

Sean McCall – Broadcaster for Lake Elsinore Storm

Before television, radio was the way people would keep up with the games that they couldn’t see in person.  Announcers for different clubs would keep fans in tune with the game by helping create for us a mental picture of what was going on.  Today with most games on television, it’s almost becoming a lost art for MLB, but not for minor league baseball. Lake Elsinore is blessed with a great radio announcer and that is Sean McCall.

Sean started working for the Lake Elsinore Storm in 1996, back when the Storm were the Angels affiliate.  His memory for facts and players that have come through the organization is second to none, and it is prominently displayed when he gives out the scores of MLB games. “Former Storm John Lackey get the 2-1 win for the Cardinals” or “Jake Peavy, whose #22 is retired by the Storm, is on the mound for the Giants”.  His mind is a living encyclopedia of Lake Elsinore Storm history and events that make his calling of the games not only enjoyable, but informative.

If you listen to a Storm game on KMYT 94.5 in Temecula (also available on IHeart Radio), you will be thoroughly entertained by his call of the game.  Sean makes you feel like you’re in his living room where he is personally talking to you about the game.  From “you my friend can sit down!” when an opposing hitter strikes out to his “happy birthday announcements” in the 8th inning, Sean McCall makes the game sound interesting and fun for one and all.

Sean is not one to do interviews, so I don’t know if we’ll ever do a Q & A with him.  It doesn’t change our opinion of him as he is friendly and welcoming at The Diamond in Lake Elsinore. So sit down, pop a cold one, “designate before you celebrate” and enjoy one of the best radio announcer around:  Mr. Sean McCall.

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