Petco Park’s “Wines at the Park”

07/24/13 / / @Padres360
by Rebecca Herman & Wayne McBrayer at Petco Park


Wines At The Park is a very nice place to stop and get a glass of wine.  The atmosphere is relaxing and it is set up like a tasting room – quite similar to what you might see at any winery you would visit.  Their selection is good and the prices are comparable to what you might find in a restaurant … not surprising as they are presented by Donovan’s.


The staff that works there is very friendly and willing to help with your wine selection.  Lindsay Pomerloy has been there on many occasions when we’ve stopped in and we took an opportunity to chat with her about the wine sold there.  She has worked at Wines At The Park since it opened the last week of the 2011 season and we happened to be the very first people to walk in the door and buy wine on their opening day!  This is what Lindsay told us:

Wines At The Park has 38 different selections of wine with a price range of $8.00-$12.00 per glass of wine to $28.00-$125.00 a bottle.  The most common wines asked for as far as white wines go is Chardonnay and for reds it’s between Pinot and Cabernet.  As far as champagnes go, they carry Piper Sonoma Brut and Piper Heidsieck Rare from France.”


On this particular day, we selected wines by the glass and loved our selections:

  • Rebecca had the ’11 Iron Pinot Noir, Monterey $9
  • Wayne had the ’10 Folie a Deux Cabernet, Alexander Valley $12

Purchases by the bottle include 1 reusable wine carafe and 2 reusable glasses. The staff will open the wine for you and pour it into the carafe with the remainder poured into one of the provided glasses.  You are then able to take the wine to your seat with you and enjoy throughout the game. Note: If you return to buy additional bottles of wine (same day or in the future), you are encouraged to bring your reusable carafe and glasses and save $6!


If you’re looking for a relaxing environment with friendly people who work there, stop by Wines At The Park and remember to ask for Lindsay.


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